Underwater Welding Repair in Bahamas

by resolveadm on August 7, 2008

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Resolve diver welding rebar within the piling Resolve diver working inside a 45 inch steel piling

A Resolve Towing and Salvage dive team recently completed a challenging underwater repair project in Freeport, Bahamas. The repair was accomplished to a damaged 48 inch diameter steel dock support piling.

Underwater Welding Resolve diver performing underwater welding

In order to assure a proper repair was made to this load bearing piling and with no access from above, the divers had to build an entire 20 foot high internal steel cage made of 1 1/4 inch steel rebar. This cage, which weighed approx one and a half tons had to be hand built and welded up inside the damaged pipe by divers. Then the 3/4 inch steel plate patch, approx 10ft x 6ft, had been contoured, rolled, lowered, fitted, and then welded to the exterior of the pile. Once this was accomplished, 12 yards of concrete was pumped into the piling.

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