Hull Cleaning

Enhancing a vessels’ performance is the main reason for carrying out regular underwater hull cleaning. Increased drag caused by the build up of marine fouling has a detrimental effect on a vessels’ hydrodynamic performance and increases fuel consumption. Hard or Shell fouling the likes of tubeworms or barnacles can cause noise, turbulence and cavitation. Speed logs, sonars and other hull mounted sensors can also be affected by this build  up of fouling.

PICCARD Brush Carts

The PICCARD brush carts’ pressure can be adjusted to clean mild or more prolific fouling and hence able to remove  fouling without damaging the paint coating.  The PICARD brush cart brings a choice of cleaning heads which can be used depending on the density and type of fouling.  Additionally and with the help of HYDRAULIC  POWERED TWIN HEAD CLEANING UNITS our divers are able to access clean all areas of the hull including turn of bilges, stern tubes and bulbous bows. Find our PICCARD-Brushkart-Spec-Sheet here.

Hull Cleaning

Propeller Polishing

Reducing the the propellers’ roughness is probably the only reason to carry out a propeller polish. The financial saving outweighs the cost of the service. The smooth surface of a propeller is an inhospitable home for marine organisms as well as being extremely beneficial to the efficiency of the propeller itself and hence to the overall performance of the vessel.