Resolve sponsors 13th annual Damage Control Olympics

by resolveadm on May 12, 2015

On Tuesday, May 5th, the United States Navy, Coast Guard and Allied Military participated in a full day of maritime safety training exercises and competitive activities as part of Damage Control Olympics. Now in its 13th year, the Damage Control Olympics was developed by RESOLVE Maritime Academy to recreate real- life emergencies that a sailor could experience onboard a vessel at sea and gain valuable experience in a fast-paced, competitive environment. Fully sponsored by Resolve Marine Group, Damage Control Olympics is Resolve’s way of giving back and saying thank you to our men and women in uniform. Teams train for months for this one day challenge, in which they compete against each other in a series of practical, hands-on training exercises and shipboard emergency response scenarios, including interaction with live fire, smoke filled environments and a flooded ship chamber. Events included:
EVENT 1: P-100 Firefighting Drill
Each team consisted of 1 pump operator and 4 hose personnel. The teams were required to rig a P-100 pump, don complete fire fighting ensemble and discharge water via two fire hoses to attack a live fire.
EVENT 2: Dress-Out Drill / SCBA Relay Race
Each team consisted of 4 personnel. Two personnel dressed out in complete fire fighting gear, while the other two persons assisted in the dress out. The two teams were approximately 50 feet apart and were required to assemble 1 SCBA, don the SCBA and face piece, run to the next team member and remove SCBA. The next member donned the SCBA, ran back to starting point and removed the SCBA. On their second run, the team member was required to change out the SCBA cylinder, don the SCBA and run to next team member, then remove the SCBA. The last team member then donned the SCBA and ran back to start / finish point.
EVENT 3: Damage Control Drill
This drill consisted of pipe patching, plugging and shoring.Pipe Patching: Jubilee and Chain Wrench type patches were applied to damaged pipes.Plugging: Various size plugs and 1bucket patch were applied to bulkhead damage. Plugs were hammered tight and the Bucket Patch tightened.Shoring: 1 I-type shore was erected on a damaged scuttle. The shore was wood and precut for this event. A measurement was still to be made, including Strongbacks and Wedges, and then the selection of the correct length shore was chosen from the supplied shores. Wedges were hammered tight.
EVENT 4: Timed Interior Fire attack
This event required all (up to 10) team members to participate. All assembled on the main deck, dressed out in firefighting equipment/ensembles including helmets, gloves, boots, flash hoods, coveralls, S.C.B.A. etc. and then rigged hoses, entered into the vessel and advanced the hose to the top of the ladder. After lowering the hose down, the fire team proceeded down the ladder. A second hose was laid out and charged. The team then entered the engine room and proceeded to the crew lounge and then attacked the fire.
EVENT 5: Search & Rescue Drill
Team members dressed out in full gear and SCBA, entered the officers quarters area and performed a search for a victim in a smoke-filled, zero visibility compartment. Once found, the first team evacuated and the second team performed a rescue and removal of victims to a safe area.
Despite a rainy day, the sailors enjoyed the competitive activities as well as fun, camaraderie and relaxation with other service men and women. In the end, the winners were:
#1- USS Cole#2- USCG Richard Etheridge#3- USS Wasp (team 1)#4- James E. Williams#5- USS Wasp (team 2)
The next day, the Academy highlighted their new Simulation Training Center. Featuring a Class A Full Mission Bridge Simulator with fully functional attached Bridge Wing with independent visual system, Electronic Chart Display & Information System (ECDIS) Classroom and Navigation Lab with a suite of advanced “mini” bridges, Resolve’s state-of-the-art, 7000-square-foot facility provides cutting edge simulation-based training programs to enhance safe navigation at sea for cruise line and commercial shipping personnel and other maritime professionals worldwide. Around 25 people attended the event, and RESOLVE Maritime Academy was honored to count Admiral Cynthia Thebaud, U.S. Navy commander of the Wasp and Expeditionary Strike Group 2, among its guests. Later in the week, RESOLVE staff was honored to tour the USS New Hampshire, a Virginia-class nuclear-powered attack submarine.

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