RESOLVE Responds to Grounded Barges at Foot of Active Volcano in Montserrat, Lesser Antilles

by resolveadm on December 12, 2008

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Grounded barge in Montserrat Montserrat from offshore

(Left) One of the barges aground due to the effects of Hurricane Omar; (Right) The active volcano on Montserrat

Montserrat, Lesser Antilles-Oct.17th 2008

Resolve Marine Group, Inc. was called upon to respond to two grounded barges in Montserrat at the foot of an active volcano.

The barges were being towed via tug when the effects of Hurricane Omar caused them to break away and run aground.

The 230' tank barge high and dry Grounded barge in Montserrat

(Left and Right) The 230′ tank barge sitting high and dry 60 feet from the shoreline

One of the barges was refloated within a few days of the hurricane and taken to anchorage, while the other remained high and dry, approximately 60 feet from the shoreline until Resolve’s team could assess the situation and refloat it.

The Volcano at night

(Left) The glowing volcano at night; (Right) Progress can be seen on the jobsite

This grounded 230′ tank barge was carrying approximately 30 tons of heavy fuel residuals and was resting at the foot of the active volcano making its location difficult to access. The volcano was last active as recent as August of 2008, prompting Resolve to have vessels on standby in the event of an eruption.

(Left) The roller bladders placed under the barge; (Right) Creating a ramp/launch-way for refloating the barge

Using “roller bladders”, which were placed underneath the barge and a tug which pulled the barge off of the beach, the barge was successfully refloated and taken to anchorage on November 6th, 2008.

(Left) The barge is in the last stage of the final refloat process; (Right) Roller bladders placed under the barge

(Both) The barge entering the water as it is refloated

(Left) The barge entering the water; (Right) The barge is completely refloated

Resolve’s Response team was led by Senior Salvage Master Frank Leckey, Salvage Techs Clay Backus, Beau Hartwick, and Salvage Divers Wes Woessner and Michael Carista.

Less than one month later, on November 28th, the volcano erupted again with a pyroclastic explosion that sent ash 40,000 ft into the air and decimated the area where our salvage team was working.



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