RESOLVE Removes Wreck in South Padre, TX

by resolveadm on January 27, 2009

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The vessel on the jetty On the jetty

(Both) The fishing vessel is hard aground the jetty

December 18th, 2008 – South Padre Island, TX

A Resolve Marine Group team has successfully removed the remains of a fishing vessel in South Padre Island, TX.

The vessel was forced onto the end of the south jetty at the south end of South Padre Island on November 23rd, 2008 during rough seas. Due to the continued exposure to large waves on the vessel, the hull eventually gave way and the vessel was broken in two.

(Left) The vessel is broken in half; (Right) The two halves are pulled from the water

Resolve’s team, led by Project Manager Tim McKinnis and Troy Caras, successfully removed the two halves via crane barge. Remarkably, this project was completed without incident or any pollution.

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