RESOLVE Refloats Grounded Container Ship in Miami

by resolveadm on November 26, 2008

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The grounded container ship Lifting the pump from the support vessel to the container ship

(Left) The container ship grounded at Government Cut; (Right) Lifting the pump onto the vessel

The grounded vessel off the shipping channel

-Miami, FL U.S.A.

Resolve Marine Group, Inc. was called upon to refloat a grounded container ship at the entrance to the Port of Miami. The vessel lost power and steering capabilities which caused it to run hard aground just off the shipping channel at Government Cut at the entrance to Port of Miami, FL.
The vessel sustained a 1 inch by 2 inch hull breach in way of the engine room which was secured by divers. Although the breach had been secured, the engine room had suffered substantial flooding; a half meter above the engine room deck, and needed to be pumped out before the vessel could be refloated.

The Resolve team included Frank Leckey, Peter Robinson, Bill Novillo, Clay Backus, Sean McFadden, and Ryan Morrison. After several hours of pumping the engine room, the high tide came in and with the support of two tugs, the vessel was successfully refloated around 8:45 p.m. on Thursday the 14th of August.

The flooded engine room

The vessel was then “pushed” via tug to a terminal at Port of Miami where the remainder of the water in the engine room and cargo hold, which had taken on water, was pumped out.

Once the engine room and cargo hold had been pumped out, a clean-up team was sent to power wash and clean the polluted compartments.

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