RESOLVE Introduces the Latest in a Line of Resolve Responders

by resolveadm on August 12, 2008

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At 207 feet the RESOLVE PIONEER is not a small vessel by any means and is the first of five in a strategic plan to place these vessels in key response locations around the continental US. To put it simply, the Resolve Pioneer is not a typical anchor handling tug supply vessel. In fact, this vessel is a true multi-purpose response and salvage vessel. The Resolve Pioneer is extremely maneuverable and capable of providing emergency towing and firefighting response. Additionally, this vessel can be used to house personnel and serve as a base for dive / salvage operations, utilizing the four point mooring system. Yet, there is still plenty of open space on the back deck to load essential equipment.

The Resolve Pioneer was originally built for service in the extreme conditions of northern waters. The vessel is currently Ice Classed and the hull is constructed of reinforced steel plate, measuring 1-1/4″ thick, and extending from the main deck elevation, down to the 19′ waterline. The Resolve Pioneer holds a current COI and meets all the requirements of the ISM code. Additionally, the vessel carries a full complement of electronics, including satellite communications. The Resolve Pioneer is a truly versatile vessel, capable of working in the most demanding conditions.

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