Resolve Gibraltar Celebrates Earthday 2020

by resolveadm on April 22, 2020

Strategically positioned at the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by water, Resolve Gibraltar understands more than anyone the importance of the World’s oceans and waterways.  For Gibraltans, water is more than a life source and we have learned over the centuries to live in harmony with the sea.  Resolve is a part of the Gibraltar community partnering with local agencies to construct the first of its kind Wave Energy Power Station using renewable wave energy to power homes and businesses.   From anchor and chain recovery to diving/towing services, Resolve Gibraltar marine services strive for cleaner, safer oceans.  Gibraltar is a marine-focused community and Resolve is a member of that community giving back and joining in when and where we are needed.   Every day is Earthday at Resolve Gibraltar, we proudly join the global Earthday 2020 conversation for transformative environmental change!

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