RESOLVE Finishes Silo Transport in Bahamas

by resolveadm on August 18, 2008

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The silos prior to being lowered and transported A silo being lowered A silo layed down in preparation for loading

(Left) The silos prior to lowering;(Middle) A silo being lowered; (Right) A silo is layed down in preparation for loading on the barge

Led by Frank Leckey and Ray Fortin, Resolve was hired to transport two cement silos, which are 90 feet tall and weigh approx. 90 tons each, from Paradise Island to Arawak Key, Bahamas where they were to be reinstalled on a new foundation.

The 450T crane walking off of the barge A silo being set upright before final installation The silos installed on the new foundation

(Left) The 450 Ton crane is seen walking off of the RMG 300 barge; (Middle) A silo be raised for final installment; (Right) The second of two silos being set on the new foundation

The job consisted of walking the 450 Ton 11320 American Crane off of the RMG 300 barge and utilized a second crane to assist in lowering the silos on their sides so they could be set on the barge for transport to Arawak Key. Once they arrived at Arawak Key, they were unloaded from the barge and successfully set upright on the new foundation.

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