RESOLVE Completes Extensive Project for BORCO in Bahamas

by resolveadm on September 4, 2008

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Resolve Pioneer on the jobsite Offshore Jetty

RESOLVE PIONEER at the project The Offshore Jetty

Resolve Marine Group recently finished yet another challenging job that was met with many engineering feats featuring the recovery and repair of the BORCO Offshore Jetties.

Lowering a piling One of the supports for the catwalks

(Left) A piling being lowered; (Right) One of the catwalk supports

Resolve was hired by BORCO (Bahamas Oil Refining Company) to dismantle existing bridge supports of the Old Small Jetty offshore platform and then to fabricate and install new leg braces.

RMG 300 placing a catwalk on the support Vessel docked at the Jetty

(Left) The RMG 300 and American 11320 placing a catwalk section; (Right) A vessel docked at the jetty

The Old Small Jetty was submerged and was resting atop several supply pipelines. The estimated dead weight of this platform was 1,423,236 lbs and an unknown amount of additional burden from accumulated sand, sediments, marine growth, etc. The salvage included chain cutting and recycling the segments.Resolve also removed nine damaged pipelines in the vicinity of the Old Small Jetty.

Once the Old Small Jetty portion of the project had been completed, Resolve installed 15 catwalks on the New Large Jetty. This was accomplished by using the RMG 300 Barge and the American 11320 Crane to support and lift the catwalks and pilings into place. The operation, though difficult at times proved to be another Resolve success.

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