Progressive Pipeline

by resolveadm on December 11, 2007

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Resolve is well underway on the Progressive Pipeline project which involves the removal of eleven miles of obsolete pipeline from the Gulf of Mexico. Utilizing Global Positioning Devices with pinpoint accuracy, Resolve approach to this project is first, having divers locate and expose the abandoned pipeline which lay in 15 to 20 feet of water, buried 3 to 10 feet beneath the sea bed. This is an extremely safety sensitive operation due to the fact that the obsolete 10 inch pipe line and new operational 20 inch pipelines lay next to each other and in several locations the obsolete pipeline runs under operational pipeline. Once the location of the old pipeline is tracked and identified the task of cutting it into 40 foot sections is begun. In total, Resolve will locate, recover and transport 1,456 forty-foot sections of obsolete pipe, each weighing approximately 3,500 pounds. Upon arrival by barge in Sabine Pass, TX the pipeline sections are cut again and disposed of as scrap metal.Equipment being utilized on this project includes anchor handling tugs, global positioning devices, crane barges, offshore supply vessels, and crew accommodation vessels as well as a cadre of Resolve’s specialized equipment deployed specifically for this endeavor. Resolve divers are working around the clock and enduring harsh winter conditions including frigid water temperatures, 25 to 30 knot winds, 5 to 7 ft seas and ice on the decks of the vessels. These extreme conditions also make this job especially challenging for vessel and offshore crane operations. Not withstanding these conditions, Resolve’s team is up to the task and we estimate that we will deliver all 1,456 sections of the pipeline to Sabine Pass on schedule.

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