Kirke Canal, Chile – In October 2014, RESOLVE was contracted to provide cargo & wreck removal services for the Ro-Ro ferry, AMADEO 1 in Kirke Canal, Chile. RESOLVE moved assets from across the globe including RESOLVE EARL, a 134T BP tug, RESOLVE COMMANDER, a 78T BP tug, and deck cargo barges, RMG 302 and RMG 280. After four months, the crew successfully parbuckled and refloated the vessel. On September 21, 2015, RESOLVE scuttled the AMADEO 1 off the coast of Chile.


Surabaya, Indonesia – In the summer of 2015, RESOLVE was awarded a bid to refloat the wreck of the containership, TANTO HARI, in Surabaya, Indonesia. RESOLVE deployed the RMG 500, a 500-ton shear leg barge, to assist with the efforts.


Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico – In July 2015, RESOLVE was awarded a contract to remove the AJAW Crew Boat in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico. Utilizing the RMG-400, a 165’ 400-ton shear leg barge, along with a customized guillotine, the crew sectioned off the wreck then lifted each piece onto a barge where it was transferred to a scrapping facility.


North Bimini, Bahamas – Using an excavator, front end loader, bobcat, and dump trucks, RESOLVE dismantled a 72 foot catamaran which ran aground on North Bimini, Bahamas, and pulled it onto the land, where it was loaded into dump trucks and disposed of at a landfill.


Singapore – A large RESOLVE crew worked together with explosives experts to conduct a controlled demolition of cranes onboard the barge POE GIANT 12 to prevent them from toppling onto a historic lighthouse.


Qatar – RESOLVE used a combination of pumps and air to refloat the barge Salamah and salvage it’s cargo, 500 tons of gabbro type rock in the form of large/medium sized boulders.


Beaumont, TX; Tow – RESOLVE’s pumping division defueled three vessels in the MARAD mothball fleet.


Umnak Island, AK; Salvage – The 58’ crabber NEPTUNE 1 grounded on the North side of Umnak Island, Alaska, where she sat 100 feet offshore, barely submerged at high tide with a port list and stern to shore. Salvage crews installed two rigging points to the wreck to pull the vessel onto the beach. Once pulled on shore the crew sectioned and removed the vessel using the crane barge RMG 300.


Gulf of Mexico; Tow – RESOLVE deployed the RMG 250 after two tugs sank in the Gulf of Mexico. The crew towed the DELTA AMBER to its owners in Alabama and handed over the NICHOLAS to its owners on site.


Irwindale, CA; Refloat – An ROHR dredge sank roughly 500 feet from shore in the deepest part of the gravel pit in Irwindale, CA. Submerged under 90 feet of water, RESOLVE utilized divers to patch the tanks on the dredge and ran a 3-inch chain under the barge. The chain was attached to pullers located on pin barges in a square formation, with the center open for raising the dredge barge in the center. During refloating operations air was pumped into the sunken dredge tanks and lifted with the chain pullers.


Lianyungang, China; Refloat – The bulk carrier GARIMA PREM, loaded with iron ore, ran aground off Lianyungang port on its way to Lanshan. No injuries were reported and the vessel was successfully refloated.


Giglio, Italy; Tow – The RESOLVE EARL arrived in Giglio, Italy in July 2014 and served as one of the lead tugs that towed the 290-meter COSTA CONCORDIA to Genoa for inspection and scrapping.


Debris Removal – Completing the final phase of the M/V RENA job, RESOLVE utilized specialized divers, the RMG-500 crane barge, and the RMG-1000 to remove debris from the site of the wreck.


Tauranga, New Zealand; House Removal – RESOLVE continued the third phase of the M/V RENA job by removing the 350-ton accommodation block from the site, after it had been underwater for two years. Utilizing the crane barge RMG-500 RESOLVE’s crew lifted the house and placed it on the RMG-1000 where it was then moved off site for scrapping.


Christiansted, St. Croix; Tow – M/V COMMANDER ran aground while entering the Christiansted channel. RESOLVE picked up the vessel in Christiansted, St. Croix and towed it successfully to the Ciramar dry-dock in Las Calderas, Dominican Republic.


Tow – The M/V BOSTON EXPRESS suffered from main engine camshaft damage and was adrift in the North Pacific when RESOLVE sent the RESOLVE PIONEER to assist successfully in the urgent tow.


Emergency Tow – RESOLVE provided emergency tow assistance to fishing vessel, WETERN MARINER, which had lost a propeller in the Bearing Sea.


New Zealand; Bow Removal – RENA ran aground on 5 October 2011. The vessel broke in half around frame 180, leaving the bow section above water while the stern sunk. RESOLVE was hired to remove the bow section to one-meter below the waterline. Resolve determined that ultra-thermic cutting and removal, using the RMG 500, would be most efficient.


New Zealand; Salvage – RESOLVE Salvage & Fire conducted a fuel removal operation with specialized pumps, successfully removing fuel that had previously been failed to be removed.


Hagemesiter, Alaska; Tow – Resolve’s services were called upon when the BARGE WASHINGTON had issues with towing winch. The RESOLVE FROST tug picked up the tow near Hagemiester and carried it to Naknek, Alaska to deliver fuel to the town.


Cape Cheerful, Unalaksa; Salvage – F/V CHAOS ran aground near Dutch Harbor, Alaska after rough weather led her anchor line to break. RESOLVE successfully removed all fuel from the vessel.


Dutch Harbor, AK – An Alyeska Seafoods crane was laying on the face of its cab with its boom fully extended and at a perpendicular angle. RESOLVE successfully righted the crane and de-rigged the chain around its boom. The crane was then rigged at the out-rigger points and lifted onto the deck of the RMG 300 and encircled with absorbent boom.


Mexico; Salvage – THERESA JANINE caught on fire and extensively burnt while undergoing repairs. RESOLVE identified severe fire damage in the super structure and engine room area, as well as all compartments as tidal. RESOLVE pumped and then de-watered the engine room, while at no time discharging any hydrocarbons or oil overboard. All leaks were patched and closed, and debris removed from water around the containment boom.


Gulf Of Mexico; Salvage/Tow – CELESTE ANN sunk on 14 June 2013 after a two-foot hull breach in way of the engine room caused it to flood. RESOLVE Salvage & Fire identified the damage in the engine room, installed a patch, and completed a pump-out of the vessel. After being made safely afloat, the CELESTE ANN was then towed by RESOLVE’S LANA ROSE to Ocean Marine scrap yard in Amelia, Louisiana.


Venice, LA; Salvage/Tow – On the evening of 20 May 2013, HELGE HOVLAND experienced rapid flooding in the engine room, being grounded by the stern on a sandbar. RESOLVE was able to dewater the HELGE engine room successfully, patch and repair the hull breaches, and refloat the vessel without one drop of pollution touching the water. This was crucial as there was a National Wildlife Preserve within 200 yards. RESOLVE then successfully towed the vessel to Moss Point, Mississippi.


Xiamen, China; Salvage – This 72,000 DWT gearless bulk carrier was partly laden after a collision while sailing from Xiamen, China to Dumai, Indonesia. Temporary reinforcement repairs were done, in order to facilitate a short voyage to a dry-dock, and cargo was redistributed in order to best reduce stress, reduce draft, and keep even keel.

M/V Diamond Sea

Colon, Panama; Lightering/Refloating – RESOLVE refloated the 186′ DIAMOND SEA offshore supply vessel following its grounding in heavy weather in Colon, Panama. The vessel’s plating, framing and coolers were impacted, and as the vessel was loaded with over 300 tons of oil slop cargo, there was a significant threat of fuel spillage. RESOLVE was contracted to lighter the vessel, refloat her, render her seaworthy, and redeliver her to the owner. After surveying the damage, the RESOLVE team sealed holes in the underwater hull and internal bulkheads, dewatered flooded compartments, and removed all fuel and oil slop cargo from the vessel, avoiding any spillage or environmental pollution. RESOLVE then placed roller bags beneath the hull to reduce ground reaction and used two powerful tugs to safely pull the vessel from the rocky shoreline into deeper water. The Diamond Sea was then towed through the Panama Canal and redelivered to the owner.


Gulf of Mexico – RESOLVE Salvage & Fire was retained by Carnival Cruise Lines to tow the disabled Carnival Triumph to safe harbor after an engine room fire caused the 102,000-ton cruise ship to lose power. The AHTS RESOLVE Pioneer engaged the vessel to tow it safely to port. Using a helicopter RESOLVE provisioned the Triumph with food, water, and generators by airlifting palettes from RESOLVE’s M/V LANA ROSE. RESOLVE worked closely with Carnival operations personnel, the Triumph’s captain, and the US Coast Guard to safely deliver the passengers and vessel to Mobile, AL.


Mona Island, Puerto Rico; Salvage/Wreck Removal Initially contracted to lighter and refloat the 202-foot freighter Jireh, off from the Natural Reserve of Mona Island’s coral reef, the vessel was ultimately declared a wreck. RESOLVE working closely with the US Coast Guard, NOAA and US Fish and Wildlife cleared the wreck from the site and recycled more than 300 tons of steel from the wreckage with minimal effect to the protected reserve nearby.


This fully loaded 557-ft bulker collided with a container ship and sustained severe damage to the engine room and accommodations. After ship-to-ship lightering the full load of grain, the RESOLVE team dewatered the ship, and made extensive repairs for the tow to follow-on port. RESOLVE was instrumental in obtaining “Official Port of Refuge” clearance and provided complete pollution control and remediation throughout the operation


Kingston; Jamaica – After towlines were disengaged due to rough weather and the engine failure of a contracted tug, the OCEANIC POWER became grounded on a reef off of Kingston. The LPG tanker’s owners contracted RESOLVE to refloat the vessel, grounded by approximately 2,100 tons. In the vessel’s wind and swell exposed position, RESOLVE lightered cargo, de-ballasted water tanks and coordinated the pulling of the vessel concurrently which led to the successful refloating of the OCEANIC POWER.


Peng Hu Tao Island; Taiwan – The 2,695 ton vessel, Oberon, ran aground off of the northern tip of Peng Hu Tao Island in the Taiwan Strait with more than 1,000 MT of volatile LPG 1- Butene onboard. The vessel sustained extensive hull damage and posed a serious threat of explosion and further environmental damage. Adding to the dilemma, the vessel and cargo load remained highly susceptible to numerous typhoons. In a high risk open-water hose transfer operation, RESOLVE meticulously removed the volatile cargo. Successful salvaging of the vessel followed with the return of the intact LPG tanks to the owner.


Salt Island, BVI; Lightering/Refloating/Towing – The container RO/RO vessel MV TROPIC SUN grounded on the West side of Salt Island, bordering the RMS Rhone Marine Park. Due to the impending hurricane season, a thorough and speedy lightering and towing job ensued with minimal effects to the marine park. A comprehensive dive survey was conducted post removal to evaluate damages for the owners prior to vessel release.


Port Royal, Jamaica; Salvage – The M/T Royal, a 143 – meter product tanker, ran aground while entering Port Royal, Jamaica. RESOLVE dispatched a Salvage Master, Naval Architect, and dive team. Upon surveying the vessel, the team determined there was no cargo aboard and a majority of her ballast (2,900 tons) had already been pumped off to make the vessel light enough to be pulled free. The tug RESOLVE Suhaili, with bollard pull of 100 tons, then pulled the M/T Royal from the stern, and successfully refloated her. After transferring the vessel to the emergency anchorage, the RESOLVE dive team determined there was little damage and the vessel was transferred to the inner anchorage.


San Juan, Puerto Rico; Salvage – RESOLVE was engaged to refloat a sunken, damaged dry dock. During the sinking, the dry docks’ internal pumping system became inoperable due to flooding of the docks’ control station.
Also, internal damage sustained during the sinking event made several of the internal compartments common, degrading the stability of the dry dock. RESOLVE first installed 12 electric submersible pumps and then utilized the RMG 400 shear leg heavy lift crane barge to maintain longitudinal stability of the structure during the 18-day refloat operation.


Singapore Straits; Salvage – While transiting the Singapore Straits, this 306m containership grounded and sustained a breach in the #3 cargo hold. As a result, the hold flooded and some of the containers carrying lube oil, were damaged and leaked into the hold.
RESOLVE was retained by the owners to decontaminate and discharge all remaining containers from the damaged hold and remove the oil so the vessel could proceed to dry-dock to effect repairs. RESOLVE carried out the operation ahead of schedule.


St. Lucia, West Indies; Wreck Removal – RESOLVE refloated the sunken container vessel ANGELN and then scuttled the wreck at a deep water reefing site. The 435 ft, loaded container ship sank at a depth of 110 ft in the shipping lane three miles outside Vieux Fort, St. Lucia.
RESOLVE mobilized a team of salvors and equipment including the salvage tugs RESOLVE SUHAILI and RESOLVE PIONEER and floating shear leg RMG-400. The operation included clearing the debris field; lifting and relocating the deck house; refloating and disposal of the vessel. Throughout the operation, RESOLVE monitored the wreck site for oil leakage and also removed and recovered containers containing oil.


Kankensanthurai Harbour, Sri Lanka; Salvage – Wreck removal operations are underway in this northern Sri Lanka port to remove six wrecks ranging in size from 17m to 99.5m. Two wrecks are outside the Harbour, four are within the Harbour and all are either fully or partially submerged, obstructing safe access to and within the port. The operation requires not only the removal of wrecks but use of state-of-the-art, 3-D image scanning equipment which will identify all obstructions within a 500-meter radius of each wreck, thus ensuring removal of wreck debris in preparation for dredging of the Harbour and channel. RESOLVE mobilized a team of expert personnel and equipment to cut up the vessels and move the wreckage ashore, where the scrap will be disposed of, clearing the Harbour in preparation for dredging and further rehabilitation.


Apra Harbor, Guam; Salvage – An 825 ft drydock sank during a rough weather event in Apra Harbor, Guam. RESOLVE performed a comprehensive casualty assessment to determine structural and watertight conditions of the drydock and to ascertain the status of its systems. A detailed engineering analysis was undertaken and a salvage plan was developed and implemented, involving extensive preparatory work both topside and underwater. To overcome the challenge of a largely inoperable pumping system, RESOLVE mobilized 12 high-capacity electric salvage pumps. Numerous gauging systems were established to monitor tank pressures and condition throughout the refloat operation. RESOLVE completed the complex refloating operation in just over 30 days.


Florida, Keys; Towage – The AINU PRINCESS, a 17,324 DWT vessel loaded with grain and bound for Cuba was adrift due to loss of propulsion power 85 nautical miles west of Key West, FL and 15 miles from the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and Dry Tortugas National Park. Drifting northeasterly at 2.2 knots, the vessel posed a potential threat of grounding and spilling 240,000 gallons of fuel onboard, in the sensitive marine environment. Upon notification by USCG, RESOLVE deployed the AHTS Resolve Pioneer which had been stationed off Key West for emergency response. The Pioneer towed the vessel south toward Cuba, while her crew continued to make repairs to the propulsion equipment. At approx 15 nautical miles north of Cuban territorial waters, repairs were completed and the towline was released when the vessel was able to proceed under her own power.


Coronation Gulf, Canada; Emergency Response – This expedition cruise ship ran aground and was stranded on an uncharted rock in Canada’s Northwest Passage. RESOLVE equipment and personnel were flown in to the remote site north of the Arctic Circle. After assessing numerous breaches in the hull, vent seals and temporary repairs were effected to enable refloating. Roller bags were placed under the hull to prevent further damage in the rough seas and lift the vessel. Four tugs pulled the vessel from the stern at high tide, freeing it from the rock. The Clipper was towed to Port Epworth for temporary repairs and returned to the owner.


Galveston, TX; Hull Repairs – This fully laden tanker was taking on water in the engine room at the southern Galveston Anchorage. The Captain of the BRO PREMIUM (44,999dwt) immediately activated his VRP and directly called upon RESOLVE to mobilize a dive team and pumping system to assist. The dive team successfully inserted an inflatable plug / temporary patch in the ship’s hull to stop the source of water intake while the crew carried out the necessary repairs onboard.


Galveston, TX; Salvage – RESOLVE responded to the ISABEL KNUTSEN (22,377dwt) which had grounded just inside Galveston Bay. A salvage master and naval architect were mobilized and onboard within a few hours. After making the necessary calculations, the salvage master ordered some internal cargo transfers and deballasting which enabled the ship to refloat with the assistance of four (4) tugs totaling 275 tons bollard pull.


Gulf of Mexico; Emergency Response, Oil Spill Recovery Initially called to assist the firefighting response to rig explosion and fire, RESOLVE was engaged to support a massive, six-month oil spill response operation throughout the Gulf of Mexico including offshore and coastal waters of four states. RESOLVE managed numerous operations including: deployment of miles of boom; offshore and near shore oil skimming; supervision of “vessels of opportunity”; and decontamination of vessels entering port, among others. RESOLVE’s U.S. Gulf Facility in Theodore, Alabama facility became an operations hub supporting BP, USCG, National Response Corporation, and Northstar as well as RESOLVE’s own activities.


Kingston, Jamaica; Salvage – The container ship, PACIFIC VOYAGER (33,751dwt), grounded while exiting the Port of Kingston. RESOLVE along with partner Svitzer Salvage mobilized a salvage team along with two tugboats and safely refloated her.


Miami, FL; Tow – The disabled General Cargo ship, KALEBAH, lost power off the coast of Florida. The shipsowners activated Resolve under their Vessel Response Plan and a tug and tow master were mobilized to safely tow the vessel to Miami where it was turned over to its owners.


Barbers Point, HI; Salvage – Grounded Bulk Carrier VOGETRADER (72,171dwt) went aground while entering the harbor channel at Barber’s Point. Resolve immediately mobilized a salvage master and salvage engineer while simultaneously activating a local resource partner to perform the initial survey. The vessel was refloated, its haul temporarily repaired, and fuel lightered prior to port entry. Upon completion of cargo operations, the fuel was reloaded.


Port Arthur, TX; Salvage – Tanker EAGLE OTOME (95,663dwt) collided with a barge in the Sabine-Neches waterway spilling approximately 450,000 gallons of crude oil. Resolve, acting under the vessel’s response plan, mobilized numerous assets including portable fire pumps, lightering pumps and intrinsically safe powerpacks to the casualty. Working closely with USCG Incident Command, Resolve stabilized the vessel and successfully lightering the ship before returning it to its owners.


New York, NY; Salvage – 443 ft Chemical Tanker SICHEM DEFIANCE experienced a tank implosion while loading ethanol. Having developed an intricate cargo transfer plan, Resolve stabilized the vessel without further incident, allowing the vessel to leave the anchorage under its own power.


Paradip, India; Salvage – Resolve was contracted by the Paradip Port Trust to remove approximately 900mt of oil from the iron ore carrying vessel which had capsized about 5km off the east coast of India. A salvage and dive team attended the casualty and successfully removed all the hazardous oil.