Energy challenges and the benefits from its coastal location

by resolveadm on March 5, 2020

Energy – Everyday life is dependent on power to drive cars, turn on lights, power electronics, and maintain support systems.  As the demand grows, so does the innovation needed to find new solutions.   Gibraltar realized its energy challenges and the benefits from its coastal location by taking advantage of Wave Energy, constructing the first of its kind Wave Energy Power Station on the site of a former World War II Ammunition Jetty.  Grid-connected, wave-driven energy made possible with the help of Resolve Gibraltar’s Marine Civil Works division.  Resolve, known globally as a leading emergency response organization, is also a leading solutions provider creating technological innovation that overcomes our client’s challenges making the world a better place.   Just a few of Resolve’s initiatives are projects to recover coastal communities, restore coral reefs, and relieve maritime situations resulting in Safer, Cleaner Oceans.   Environmentally conscious and economy-driven, Resolve Gibraltar Marine Services, Civil Works and Harbor Towage projects are designed and executed by masterful craftsmen who are members of the communities they serve.  Future needs are uncertain but with a partner like Resolve Marine Gibraltar one thing is certain “Every Challenge Has a Solution.” Find out more about Resolve Gibraltar Innovation.

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