Deep Water Recovery

by resolveadm on February 9, 2010

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PORT EVERGLADES, FL – On December 18th Resolve Marine undertook a search to recover an anchor and over 1,000 feet of chain lost by C.V. Cap Mondego in the Port Everglades Anchorage two miles off the Fort Lauderdale beaches.

Using side scan sonar and magnetometer technologies and starting from coordinates provided by the ship, Resolve’s search pattern ultimately covered approximately two square miles in waters 550 ft. deep. The electronic survey revealed several substantial anomalies in the vicinity of the point where the anchor was reportedly lost.

Based on the survey’s findings, salvage tug Resolve Pioneer was outfitted with a large anchor hawk and grappling gear sized for the lost anchor and chain, an estimated weight of almost 60 tons. The tug started the physical search on January 2nd. After two days searching the area and raising several large masses of wire rigging, the tug raised a long length of heavy chain to the surface. A dive survey verified that the object hooked was indeed part of an anchor rode. Using the tug’s shark jaws and main tow winch, 12 shots of chain and a ship’s bow anchor were raised to the work deck. Search and recovery were completed in only a few hours.

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