2007 Damage Control Olympics

by resolveadm on December 12, 2007

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Fleet Week 2007 once again began with the Resolve Fire & Hazard D/C Olympics. As with all good ideas, that receive the commitment they deserve, it soon becomes a tradition and the Damage Control Olympics are no exception. With the continued support of Joe and Mary Beth Farrell and the Resolve Family, the Olympics have celebrated their 6th year.

A widely anticipated and appreciated intramural event; the D/C Olympics are open internationally to all Naval and Coast Guard Damage Control Teams during Fleet Week USA. The competition consists of 6 scored events which incorporate various skills from the damage control disciplines.

Results of the 2007 Olympics were as follows: 1st Place – USS Forrest Sherman 2nd Place – USS Gunston Hall 3rd Place – USS San Jacinto Damage Control teams from the USS Kearsarge, USS Ponce, and the USS Memphis also participated in the Olympics.

Despite the fierce but good natured rivalry each of the teams was willing to share their best tips and techniques with the competition. Congratulations and thanks to all participants!

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