170 Meter Bulk Carrier

by resolveadm on December 11, 2007

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Resolve Marine Group, Inc. and their partners SvitzerWijsmueller, mobilized to assist a 170 meter Bulk Carrier which grounded on a protected coral reef off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. The salvage team immediately conducted an assessment of both the vessel and her cargo. This entailed Resolve’s Divers and Marine Biologist conducting dive surveys of the vessel and the coral reef to ensure that the vessel could be removed with minimal environmental impact. The development of proper engineering and environmental protection plans were a major part of this project with input from the U. S. Coast Guard, the State of Florida, and Broward County personnel as well as representatives from the vessel’s owners. The final Salvage Plan called for lightering 2,000 metric tons of cargo to a barge with ballast concurrently added to keep the Clipper Lasco firmly aground until time to re-float the vessel. Upon completion of the lightering operations, Resolve/SvitzerWijsmuller personnel discharged the ballast water as the high tide approached. Utilizing three tugs, the vessel was safely re-floated and towed to safe anchorage to conduct a dive survey to ensure that the underwater hull of the vessel was completely intact. Upon completion of the survey the vessel was safely towed into Port Everglades to complete the discharge of cargo.

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