12th Annual Damage Control Olympics

by resolveadm on April 18, 2012

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United States Navy and US Coast Guard Sailors to Compete in Live Firefighting and Shipboard Flooding Events Aboard Resolve T/V Gray ManateeApril 26th, 9:00am to 4:00pm in Port Everglades
WHO:     RESOLVE Maritime Academy hosts the Damage Control Olympics as an annual event for officers and damage control crew of US Navy and US Coast Guard vessels visiting Port Everglades during Fleet Week 2012.  Academy instructors and personnel will lead the day of shipboard firefighting and damage control competitions.   
WHAT:   The sailors and damage control service men and women attending the full-day  of maritime safety training exercises and competitive activities will form teams from each of the participating ships. Teams will compete against each other in a series of practical, hands-on training exercises and shipboard emergency response scenarios, including interaction with live fire, smoke filled environments and a flooded ship chamber. Now in its 12th year, the Damage Control Olympics was developed by RESOLVE Maritime Academy to recreate real- life emergencies that a sailor could experience onboard a vessel at sea and gain valuable experience in a fast-paced, competitive environment.  As in actual shipboard life, teams may be penalized for safety violations during the exercises.  An Awards Ceremony will complete the day’s activities.
Sailors enjoy the competitive activities as well as fun, camaraderie and relaxation with other service men and women. Entertainment includes the live band “Riverdown”. Breakfast and lunch buffets, refreshments, massage stations, and a visit from the Red Bull Girls.  A schedule of the competitive events follows.
WHEN:   Thursday, April 26, 2012  from  9:00 am until 4:00 pm
WHERE:  Resolve Maritime Academy and  T/V Gray Manatee
 3305 SE 19th Avenue (in Port Everglades), Fort Lauderdale, Florida
WHY:      The DC Olympics is hosted annually by RESOLVE Maritime Academy in appreciation for the service men and women who serve our country at sea. The program provides them an opportunity to hone skills during drills or training sessions, and in live fire situations that are not possible in drills at sea.
Contact:   Martha Lord, RESOLVE Marine Group, Inc.
                    o:  954-764-8700 c:  954-257-2868 email:  mlord@resolvemarine.com 
Schedule of Events
EVENT 1:   P-100 Fire Fighting Drill
Each team of five will rig a P-100 pump, don complete firefighting equipment/ ensemble and discharge water via two 1 ½ fire hoses to attack a live fire and extinguish it in the fastest time possible.  This is a timed event, and each team’s time will stop when they are effectively applying water to the fire.
EVENT 2:   Dress-Out Drill / SCBA Relay Race
Each competing ship will have two teams + 50’ apart.  They will be required to assemble 1 self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), don the SCBA and face piece, run to their second team and remove SCBA.  Next member will don the SCBA, run back to starting point and remove SCBA. On their second run, the team member will be required to change out SCBA cylinder, don SCBA and run to next team member, then remove SCBA. Last team member will then don SCBA and run back to start / finish point. This will be a timed event. Time will be added for incomplete or improper dress-out at 10 seconds per violation. Time will stop when the final team member crosses the line for the second time.
EVENT 3:  Pipe Patch Drill
This is a combination timed and leakage rate evolution event. Working against time in a rapidly filling vessel chamber, each team will be required to isolate water flow through a broken piping system. They will have 30 minutes to complete a soft patch on pipe rupture. At the 30 minute mark, the isolation valves will be opened and Resolve personnel will determine the winner by the leakage rate.  No Emergency Water Activated Repair Patch (EWARP) Kits Permitted.
EVENT 4:  Timed Portside Interior Fire Attack
This event will require all (up to 10) team members to participate.  All will assemble on the main deck, dress out in firefighting equipment/ ensembles including helmets, gloves, boots, flash hoods, coveralls, S.C.B.A. etc. and then rig hose, enter into the vessel and advance the hose to the top of the ladder. After lowering the hose down, the fire team will proceed down the ladder. A second hose must be laid out and charged. The team then enters the engine room and proceeds to the crew lounge and then attacks the fire. The team must then exit safely and will be timed on the complete exercise. 
EVENT 5:  Search & Rescue Drill
Team members will dress out in full gear and SCBA, enter the officers quarters area and perform a search for a victim in a smoke-filled, zero visibility compartment.  Once found, the first team will evacuate and the second team will perform a rescue and removal of victim/s to a safe area. Resolve personnel will observe teams for safe practices, proper search patterns and safe movement in a zero visibility compartment.  
Special Note to Media:  Members of the media are invited to attend.  Service personnel participants will be available for interview, and there will be numerous opportunities to photograph and tape activities including live burn firefighting and shipboard flood control exercises.  This event is not open to the public.
Photos from past Resolve Maritime Academy  Damage Control Olympics:
Firefighting Drills on the deck of T/V Gray Manatee


7_400Pipe Patch Drill

About Resolve Maritime Academy
Resolve Maritime Academy, the maritime training subsidiary of RESOLVE Marine Group, Inc. focuses on the safety training needs of the maritime industry.  The Academy specializes in shipboard firefighting, safety, and hazardous materials response training, and offers maritime certification courses for cruise line, tanker and cargo vessel personnel, and private yacht crew.  
The Academy’s new Simulation Training Center addresses the navigational safety training needs of the global maritime industry.  The new state-of-the-art facility offers a variety of simulation-based training programs to enhance safety at sea for vessel personnel, passengers and cargo, and protection of the marine environment.
For course information, please visit  www.resolveacademy.com

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