Resolve’s Gibraltar location provides harbour towage, dive services, marine construction assistance, anchor and chain search and recovery operations, underwater assessments and inspections, to say a few.

In every location, and in each endeavor, Resolve teams strive to provide the most cost-effective, and efficient services to our clients.  We understand that our client’s time is valuable and maintain that understanding with every operation we undertake for them.

The company provides harbour towage and towage related services in and around the Port of Gibraltar. It also offers a number of additional services such as Off Port Limits (OPL) operations and a complete ship-to-ship package that includes delivery and retrieval of related equipment and transfer of personnel.

Underwater Cleaning

Hull Cleaning

Enhancing a vessels’ performance is the main reason for carrying out regular underwater hull cleaning. Increased drag caused by the build up of marine fouling has a detrimental effect on a vessels’ hydrodynamic performance and increases fuel consumption. Hard or Shell fouling the likes of tubeworms or barnacles can cause noise, turbulence and cavitation. Speed logs, sonars and other hull mounted sensors can also be affected by this build  up of fouling.

PICCARD Brush Carts

The PICCARD brush carts’ pressure can be adjusted to clean mild or more prolific fouling and hence able to remove  fouling without damaging the paint coating.  The PICARD brush cart brings a choice of cleaning heads which can be used depending on the density and type of fouling.  Additionally and with the help of HYDRAULIC  POWERED TWIN HEAD CLEANING UNITS our divers are able to access clean all areas of the hull including turn of bilges, stern tubes and bulbous bows. Find our PICCARD-Brushkart-Spec-Sheet here.

Propeller Polishing

Reducing the the propellers’ roughness is probably the only reason to carry out a propeller polish. The financial saving outweighs the cost of the service. The  smooth surface of a propeller is an inhospitable home for marine organisms as well as being extremely beneficial to the efficiency of the  propeller itself and hence to the overall performance of the vessel.

Anchor and Chain Recovery

Over the years we have retrieved many types of anchors and chains, all differing in conditions, operation complexities, and sea environments.  Our search and retrieval teams are highly skilled and capable, and adhere to our amply demonstrated effective retrieval procedures.

Search & Recovery Operations

We are requested by Companies and Port Authorities alike, to assist in retrieving a vessel’s lost anchor and/ or chain.  All operational tasks commence following this contact, and RESOLVE works as efficiently as possible, recognizing that our client’s time is extremely valuable.

We collect and organize all data associated with the loss of the anchor/chain and establish a relevant search area.  In doing so initially, we avoid losing time in searching unrelated areas.

Our initial search is conducted using Side Scan Sonar. Once we establish possible targets with our Side Scan Sonar, we use our ROV to ensure positive identification of said targets is established and official.  Recovery of anchor and or chain may then proceed.  Our operators are instructed to commence search and recovery operations.

Recovery operations can be undertaken using our AHT RESOLVE BLIZZARD or with our dumb barge ISACC 1874.  All Resolve anchor and/ or chain search and recovery operations are undertaken under current Health and Safety regulations and according to Resolve policies to preserve the environment, as appropriate.

Upon completion of recovery operations, retrieved anchor and chain are transported to RESOLVE storage areas prior to owner or vessel delivery, as required.

Resolve has the latest equipment, consisting of:

  • Hull mounted Side Scan Sonar
  • High resolution Side Scan Sonar
  • Magnetometer for ferrous metals
  • Magnetometer for non ferrous metals
  • #2 Falcon ROV

Diving Services

Our experienced team can handle every aspect of underwater inspection process using visual, photographic and CCTV equipment, producing detailed reports for a wide variety of purposes. Resolve provides photo and video inspections with detailed report prior to cleaning the hull and propeller to determine the degree and type of fouling and the extent of the cleaning required.

We also conduct special inspections at the request of vessel owners, representatives, surveyors and insurers. Resolve has been appointed by class (Bureau Veritas, NKK, DNVGL and Lloyds Register) as provider of services for Underwater inspections “in lieu” of dry-docking. Additional works can be done by our experienced dive team i.e: blanking of plugs, disentanglement of ropes from propeller, etc.

A smooth and properly polished propeller reduces fuel consumption and offers significant savings. Resolve is able to provide a high standard diamond disc polishing for an “A” polishing grade on the Ruberts Scale. Trust on our services and your vessel will get the best possible performance when sailing.

In conjunction with our civil works department, our divers have been undertaken different works within the Gibraltar Port area.

  • Crack Repairs
  • Installing of Water Intakes
  • Fitting of Water Pumps
  • Drilling of Concrete Structures
  • Marine Framework

Should you require assistance to your marine works, Resolve’s experienced dive team is the perfect solution. Our divers’ skills and expertise in civil engineering works gives the reliable manpower needed to accomplish any kind of building or engineering works to be done underwater. We have successfully assisted in a wide variety of piling, caisson construction and positioning, concreting works and look forward to assisting you with your marine work needs.

Special Services

  • Hot works permits issuance
  • Atmosphere testing
  • Confined Spaces Works
  • Working on heights