Resolve and National Response Corporation have come together to form 1-Call Alaska offering Alternative Planning Criteria (APC) coverage in Western Alaska as required by USCG regulations.

The 1-Call Alaska APC provides an alternative to other USCG-approved APC’s for non-tank vessels transiting the northern Pacific Great Circle route through the Aleutian Islands in Western Alaska.  In addition to tracking your fleet with our 1-Call Alaska AIS monitoring system for maritime domain awareness, 1-Call Alaska coverage provides the most capable USCG-approved resources and response personnel in the region.

  • USCG approved & NRT RRI-rated OSRO equipment up to WCD1 for open water
  • OSRO/salvage/emergency tow & lightering response throughout Aleutian Chain
  • State of the art AIS support
  • Equipment is owned and operated by 1-Call Alaska partner companies
  • Pre approved contracts – NRC/Resolve – USCG/IG — extend liability cover

For more information, please visit www.1callalaska.com